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So your child attends a local centre and you received one of my post cards letting you know that Kindy Photos are coming up. 

Here is a quick run down on how it all works.

Pre-Ordering a Photo Collection

Advantages to pre-ordering photo collections through our website.

1.  You receive the best value when it comes to prints. 

2.  You can also add digital images to your pre-order at a discount price.

3.  You will receive notification and reminders before Photo Week so that you can get your child ready and get the best images!

4.  Once your gallery is ready you will be notified with an email and direct link to the gallery.

5.  Once you are registered its as easy as 1, 2, 3 to view photos of your child and select your favourite photos.


100% Money Back Guarantee

Once you see the photo gallery of your child and you don't like any of the photos that I have taken, you can request your money back for the Photo Collection that you have pre-ordered no questions asked. 

Photo Packages

The following Photo Packages are available for pre-order.?

1 Pose Package - $45
   1 image of your Child
   1 x 8x12 print
   2 x 5x7 prints
   4 wallet size prints
   1 Class photo 
   1 digital images

2 Pose Package - $65
   2 image of your Child
   2 x 8x12 print
   4 x 5x7 prints
   8 wallet size prints
   1 Class photo 
   2 digital images?

2 Child Package - $95
3 pose of your child 
(one of each child and one together)
3 8x12 print 
6 5x7 prints 
12 wallet size prints 
2 class
3 digital file

Class Photo only $35.00
Class photo only of the class you child is in

3 Post Package - $85
   3 poses of your child
   3 x 8x12 prints
   6 x 5x7 prints
   3 x 4 wallet-size prints
   1 Class photos 
   3 digital images

4 Pose Package - $105
   4 poses of your child
   4 x 8x12 prints 
   8 x 5x7 prints 
   4 x 4 wallet-size prints
   1 Class photos?
   4 x digital images

3 Child Package - $115
4 pose of your child 
(one of each of your children and one together)
4 8x12 print (one of each pose)
8 5x7 prints (two of each pose)
16 wallet size prints (4 of each pose)
3 class
4 digital file

How to Pre-order your Collection

Frequenty Asked Questions

How long does it take to get the photos back?

All online galleries will be ready 2 weeks after the the photo week.
You will have 1 week (7 days) to make your selection as part of the collection you pre-ordered and purchase any additional images. 

All collections and additional purchases will be delivered to your childcare centre within 2 weeks after the order week.

What if my child is sick or does not attend the centre on the photo day? 

That's no problem at all. You are more than welcome to bring them in on any of the other days during Photo week. 

Can we order extra prints and products?

Yes, once you see your online gallery, you will be able to order additional images and products available through the shopping cart that is part of the online gallery. 

What time does the Photo day start?

I'm at your Childcare centre for the full week and each day I will start at 8:30 am and finish around 12:30 pm

Do I have to pre-order a package. 

Yes, that is the preferred option.  I do offer is a 100% money back guarantee if you don't like any of the photos in your online gallery. ?

Photo Collections are only available during pre-order period. Once the photos are uploaded to the online gallery you will be able to order individual images and all images but not the packages themselves. ?

If you choose not to pre-order you will be able to view the gallery and order individual images but not the collections. 

What should my child wear?

If you have a special outfit that you would like your child to wear, yes bring it along. Please make sure that the educators know that they have an outfit to change into. I take photos of your child/ren either the first or second day that they attend the centre.  You are more than welcome to contact me an arrange a different day during the week if necessary. 

Can I order digital images. 

On your pre-order page you will see a number of different Photo Collections that we offer. 
Print Only collections and Print & Digital collections. 
You will also be able to purchase digital images from your photo gallery once the images are uploaded. 

Do you offer Sibling Collections

Yes – I offer a Photo Collection which is specifically designed for siblings. Your children will be photographed together as well as individually regardless of which collection you pre order. You will be able to see all the photos I take of your children in the photo gallery once its uploaded. 

Do you offer Family Photography?

Yes, I do! more information can be found on this page. Family Photography
I would love to be your Family photographer. 

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